Children today are suffering from a deficit of play

I thought I'd start our blog off with an article I enjoyed by Peter Gray touching on the topic of play as a way for living creatures (namely humans, and our focus: children) to explore the world and learn through self-motivated interest.

I would describe this article as a kind of summary of the first third of his book Free to Learn, which was one of my favorite books that was recently published on the matter of play.

He goes through the history and importance of play to the vast majority of human history, what happened in the relatively recent past to change our behavior and thus our beliefs of what one needs to learn, and how an individual's creativity is affected when there is a deficit of play.

And it seems like just the idea of play has been quite smeared in the past few thousand centuries, hasn't it?

It's a topic I was fascinated to learn about and I'm still looking into the various resources and coming up with my own take on play and it's importance in our very own South Jersey School.