It takes a democratic village to raise a democratic child. We value democracy in action and we know that we need all of you.

We appreciate any way that you are able to contribute to the children and teens of our community. We have obtained 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, so all donations may be claimed as tax deductions if you obtain a receipt from the school.  Ask staff for details.


The following goods and services would be a tremendous value to the students everyday use and exploration:

  • Sponsors for our Scholarship program
  • Mentors in all career fields to be added our volunteer mentor list
  • Laptops, software, gadgets
  • Books and textbooks (through college level)
  • Art supplies
  • Musical instruments
  • Kitchen supplies

Please check with us before you discard anything in your home.


If you are excited about the possibilities at South Jersey Sudbury School, why not get involved? We are excited to welcome volunteers to support the many aspects of our learning community.